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Edward Jobes

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Edward Jobes

With twenty-four years of experience in the medical field in his previous life, Edward brings a sense of calm to his work as a real estate agent, facing challenges with emergency room-type savvy and bedside-quality hands-on care. He says that helping people in their most stressful times helps him feel calm, and he is driven by the responsibility and accountability he feels to produce a positive outcome for his clients.

One of the qualities Edward gained in his extensive healthcare career was a keen ability to read people and put them at ease. As a connector, he thrives on building relationships. He is also a straight talker, providing facts, and helping his clients make informed decisions about their real estate needs while protecting their best interests. While he appreciates the varied experience he received in his first career, he loves the world of real estate and climbed into the top twenty-two percent of producers at his former agency in his first seven months in real estate.

Edward loves being part of the community, and especially helping the first responder community. It’s not uncommon for him to drop by a hospital or firehouse with pizza or ice cream for his friends and former colleagues, and he enjoys having many of them as clients. Additionally, Edward has served as a volunteer Director, Vice President, and President on his previous local water district board, has been an active member of the Arvada Chamber of Commerce, and was most recently a volunteer on his kids’ PTO board. He will tell you this has given him answers to questions he never knew he would need.

Edward grew up as a military brat, was born in Germany, and has lived in several states in the US. He is a mountain biker at heart and grew up racing mountain bikes in each of the Four Corner states. He is often a riding medic for the races he participates in - including Elephant Rock, Copper Triangle, and one of America's toughest rides, the Triple Bypass. Although Edward has worked in both the ICU and ER settings, he surprisingly hates blood and (still) gets faint easily. He prefers face-to-face communication or calling instead of emailing or texting. Some of his biggest inspirations in life come from people who demonstrate honesty, humility, drive, and self-confidence, and who don’t judge others.   

He loves to travel and enjoys extreme adventures from multi-day "bike packing" over hundreds of miles, to the occasional north of the border Cat & Heli-boarding in Canada. Edward enjoys a variety of music (especially live), appreciates a good book, tattoos, motorcycles, the Broncos, powder films, and following the Tour de France. More than anything else Edward has accomplished, nothing makes him more proud than the role of father to his kids and husband to his wife Kellie, whom he describes as kind, forgiving, nurturing, and a darn good cyclist and co-pilot on his adventures! 

Edward is an experienced and confident agent, known to put people at ease with his supportive and straightforward manner. He would love to help you accomplish your real estate and investment goals.

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Cellphone 505.730.7945